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Understanding Your Cannabis Palate- Presentation for HempFest

Each unique individual has different cannabis-specific preferences. Why is that?

What about cannabis appeals to each of us individually?

What is a terpene and what are the most common terpenes found in cannabis?

How do we begin to hone in on the cannabis that is most conducive to the outcomes we’re looking for?

These are all steps towards understanding our cannabis palates.

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Ladies Love MaryJane Retreat Workshop: Quality Cannabis-Getting Hands On

Quality Cannabis:  Getting Hands On

Are you smoking good quality cannabis?  Have you ever wondered why some strains appeal more than others and how to select the cannabis that's right for you?   These are some of the questions we'll be covering in the Quality Cannabis:  Getting Hands On Workshop.  

Featuring: cannabis plant morphology, bud dissection, terpene review, terpene ID challenge, and exploration of trichome presentation.   The session will conclude with a customized sampling experience.  

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