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After 14 years of project management and quality improvement work in Palliative Care, Tamara developed a keen understanding of gaps that exist in the health care system.  She was specifically galvanized by the cannabis-related misinformation, stereotypes and stigmas that continue to pervade. Experiencing the medical benefits of cannabis firsthand was the final impetus behind her transition into a career in Cannabis Education and Consulting.  Tamara believes strongly that all Canadians deserve easy access to cannabis and associated resources for both medical and recreational purposes.   

As one of less than 10,000 people worldwide to hold a Cannabis Sommelier Certification,  Tamara was recently selected from 25000 applicants to serve as a member of the world’s first Cannabis Curator Committee ( . In this role, she will be curating cannabis strains for AHLOT’s variety packs (available through the OCS), contributing content to their social media channels and engaging with the larger cannabis community.

Tamara also has certificates in CBD Basics and Cannabis Wholistic Medicines and will be taking a Cannabis Educator for Health Care Professionals course in early 2020 (offered by Michener Institute and UHN).  Tamara works as a career coach for the Cannabis Career Network, regularly speaks at cannabis events and on panels, facilitates educational workshops, builds and represents brands, hosts exclusive theme-parties, and is the founder of CannaLily Consulting. 

In her spare time, Tamara volunteers for NORML Canada (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and the Canadian Cancer Society. In 2017, she founded Aloe for Africa (IG: @aloeforafrica), a subsidiary charity of Plan Canada/Plan International that promotes easy access to clean water for the people of Tanzania.


Cannabis Sector Experience



Featuring Tamara (CannaLily Consulting) and 7 other unique and diversely talented individuals (selected from 25000 applicants). Find out more about each member at

Cannabis Expert Panelist, The Entrepreneurship Society

Cannabis Expert Panelist, The Entrepreneurship Society

Career Coaching Event for the Cannabis Career Network

Career Coaching Event for the Cannabis Career Network

Volunteering for NORML Canada at The Cannabis Living Expo, 2018

Volunteering for NORML Canada at The Cannabis Living Expo, 2018

Cannabis: Quality & Edibles: O’Cannabiz Expo, 2019

Cannabis: Quality & Edibles: O’Cannabiz Expo, 2019

Cannabis 101 Talk at Exclusive Cannabis Experience Event

Cannabis 101 Talk at Exclusive Cannabis Experience Event

Weed Vs Wine: The New Preference, Education Session for The Cannabis Society

Weed Vs Wine: The New Preference, Education Session for The Cannabis Society

Cannabis Terpenes and Trichome Exploration

Cannabis Terpenes and Trichome Exploration

Quality Cannabis:  HempFest 2019

Quality Cannabis: HempFest 2019




Cannabis Quality & Curation

Interview with Steve Paikin, tvo

Since the advent of legalization last June and the roll-out of retail cannabis stores in Ontario this week, it was only a matter of time before experts started curating the substance in attractive, sellable varieties. Tamara Lilien talks to Steve Paikin about the unique role of a cannabis sommelier and educator and her spot on AHLOT’S Cannabis Curation Committee.


What it’s like to be a Cannabis Curation Committee Member

interview with audra brown, citynews

It may just be someone’s dream job. Audra Brown speaks to two people who beat out 25000 other applicants to sit on Canada’s first “Cannabis Curation Committee.”

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Getting paid to smoke weed

feature in the toronto sun

“Bright and articulate, Lilien is a cannabis entrepreneur and educator and one of eight people across Canada who’s going to test weed for the AHLOT company.”


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BofC Live with Tamara Lilien, CannaLily Consulting

Tamara Lilien is consultant, cannabis sommelier, educator and curator - and heads up CannaLily Consulting. She joined BofC Live, hosted by Jay Rosenthal, to talk about all things cannabis, cannabis education and how education in the sector is essential.


Grow Up Conference - Tamara Lilien of CannaLily Consulting Interview

Tamara Lilien is the founder of CannaLily Consulting; she believes strongly that all Canadians deserve easy access to cannabis and associated resources for both medical and recreational purposes.

We speak to her speak after the Grow Up Conference about cannabis, pervasive stereotypes, science and more.



The Wonder Woman of Weed!

Just attended a session and had the most delightful evening. Tons of knowledge from a super informed and very personable tamara! Highly recommend cannalily- you won’t be disappointed.

Erin Allan, Executive Assistant, Ontario Cannabis Store


One of the top brains in the industry!

Stephen Verbeek, Chief Executive Officer, Hello Cannabis


Tamara is like a walking cannabis encyclopedia!!

I had the pleasure of learning from her at the Culinary Cannabis Association certification program I took. I could honestly listen to her teach for hours! Tamara has a way of teaching that is acutely informative, but also engaging, and in a way that feels approachable. There is sooo much to learn about this wonderful plant, and it is truly amazing to meet someone who has the knowledge that Tamara does!



CannDelta hosted UCann2019 this last May and we invited CannaLily Consulting to provide a cannabis sommelier session on site. Patrons found the material to be very engaging, enriching and informative. We were very pleased with the amount of attention that her booth achieved during a busy cocktail hour. I would definitely recommend her again for a public event in which cannabis education is a focal point.

Lucas McCann, Chief Scientific Officer, CannDelta Inc.


Your delivery of information of this beautiful healing plant was fun and easy to absorb. Your product knowledge is impressive, you know your stuff. Thank you for the great experience that allowed me to increase my knowledge.



CannaLily taught me a lot about cannabis, and made me re-examine a lot of the things I thought I knew. Every time I hang out with her, I walk away feeling SMARTER.



The amount of highly complicated material on Cannabis that Tamara has been able to understand in a short amount of time is incredible. She also is able to explain to others in creative demonstrations the many ways Cannabis may help to enhance your health and wellbeing, and could bring more enjoyment to your life. She helped me understand terpenes further just briefly at Hemp Fest this year and I’ve been addicted to hearing her talk about Cannabis ever since !

Jaime Gaskin, Hello cannabis

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